The Razorback – Part 12: Blades Shape and FLIR Adjustments

In part 12 of the Razorback series, we take a look at the blade disposal system and the instrumentation array. The instruments are the Razorback’s eyes and ears. This array of optics and other sensors will allow the machine to move through the environment.

Covered in this video:

  • We start off by discussing how the blades will actually attach and detach – something I neglected to cover in part 11.
  • I also touch on the idea of making the blades easily spin by using a counter-balance system. This would allow the machine to approach with blades revolving at speed.
  • The plate that the blade is currently mounted to is modified to take on the shape of counter-balance.
  • We briefly discuss the shape of the blade as it relates to the practical application of sword blades.
  • Around 11:00, the blades are given an edge.
  • Near 14:30, we revisit the FLIR turret and tweak the shape a bit.

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  1. Yep still loving it Jamie. Really coming together. Started the book. I am also planning to build a hexacopter soon for some ariel photography. It’s going to have to be a beast to lift my Canon EOS 7D. You sound like someone i might be able to get advice from with your helicopter experience. I am aiming to spend about £2000 so a bit more saving needed before i get going. Will let you know. Thanks for the great tutorials.

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