The Razorback – Part 34: Adding Bolts and Clamps to the Kickstands

This installment of the Razorback Screencast looks at the little details on the kickstands. Our kickstands are automatic, hydraulic mechanisms that work in tandem to keep the bike upright when it slows or comes to a stop. From an engineering perspective; they will have a tough job and will likely be replaced regularly.

The idea that they would be replaced was always considered, but only the groundwork for that idea was put into place. In the video below we slice up some of the metal so it looks like a clamp. We also add some bolts and hose-clamps… fun times!


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  1. Haha only you can know 🙂 I think a couple of details here and there will help with realism. I’m just saying I’m really looking forward to it 😉

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing this thing with some nice metal materials applied and some sexy hdr lighting 🙂

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