The Razorback – Part 41: UV Mapping The Large Arms

In this episode we tackle UV mapping another one of the objects we’re likely to want to paint. The large arm objects have a few tricky areas, and I take a brief look at how we can create a (not so seamless) relaxed UV map for this part.


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  1. Hi Jamie, Having withdrawals form a lack of Razerback 3D action last week. Hope all is well. Look forward to the next one. Also i have a question regarding a model of the Oakland super cross track from this season that i have created. I built it just as a way to push my modelling skills. It’s really coming along but it’s the texture causing me the biggest headache. So i have a texture question. I watched your fuel tank tutorial which was really helpful but doesn’t answer this question. If you do have a spare moment to help then that would be cool otherwise don’t worry. Thanks for all the tutorials.

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the comment. I did miss my video last week and I’m flattered that you’re missing it 🙂 I’ve had to take a short break from the work, but all is well. I hope to have another video this week as usual. Feel free to shoot me an email: [email protected] and I’ll see if I can offer any one on one advice (as time permits).

  2. Again, AWESOME tips man!
    Thanks for posting these! :)

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