The Razorback – Part 42: UV Mapping The Upper Small Arm

In this installment of the Razorback series (after a short break), we resume UV mapping of the robotic arms. The arms of the razorback contain a few organic profiles, and in this mapping exercise, I’ve decided to approach the mapping from a more organic perspective.

The video below contains a bit of discussion about where the seams should appear, and a lot of technique discussion; mostly involving the unwrapping of this semi-organic shape.

7 thoughts on “The Razorback – Part 42: UV Mapping The Upper Small Arm”

  1. Hi Jami, from now I can finaly leave the bodypaint wizard alone. Reprojecting different parts of a model in the same uv map is a real eye opener. I didn’t know that that was possible. One question though. Your models seem fairly low poly and I did not see you use hypernurbs to smooth the models. C4d has some tools that deal with the uv’s in a hypernurbs but they are not perfect at best. Do you skip using hypernurbs after all?. Thanks again. Uv mappings finaly fun.

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