The Razorback – Part 42: UV Mapping The Upper Small Arm

In this installment of the Razorback series (after a short break), we resume UV mapping of the robotic arms. The arms of the razorback contain a few organic profiles, and in this mapping exercise, I’ve decided to approach the mapping from a more organic perspective.

The video below contains a bit of discussion about where the seams should appear, and a lot of technique discussion; mostly involving the unwrapping of this semi-organic shape.


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  1. Hi Jami, from now I can finaly leave the bodypaint wizard alone. Reprojecting different parts of a model in the same uv map is a real eye opener. I didn’t know that that was possible. One question though. Your models seem fairly low poly and I did not see you use hypernurbs to smooth the models. C4d has some tools that deal with the uv’s in a hypernurbs but they are not perfect at best. Do you skip using hypernurbs after all?. Thanks again. Uv mappings finaly fun.

  2. This tutorial series is incredibly useful. Easily the best free UV mapping guide I’ve found online.

  3. Tutorials to help me more understand UV mapping? I’m all for it, Well Done!

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