Two Basic Extrude Tips in Cinema 4D

This tip comes to us via one of my viewers. The question submitted was specific to the first example in the video. It had to do with creating an extrusion (inwards) near the edge of a cube—what do we do with the extra polygons, and what’s the easiest way to accomplish this? Unfortunately I don’t have a magic solution, but I can show you how I solve the issue in my own modeling.

8 thoughts on “Two Basic Extrude Tips in Cinema 4D”

  1. Thank you for another tutorial Jamie.
    you should have stronger to mention, that the first thing to do before
    using the extrude tool – is to check the caps option everytime^^
    edit: by the way, is it possible that you make an xpresso beginner
    tutorials series in the future? or is it not your field in c4d?
    because the way you explain something – is outstanding! i think i would
    have fun by learning xpresso this way 😀

    sorry 4 my english, it will be better in some future days 😉
    regards from germany

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