Using Nulls with the Array Object in Cinema 4D

The Array Object in Cinema 4D is a convenient building block. Although some of its functionality comes with the MoGraph Cloner, it is still my favorite modeling aid when I need a few of the same object precisely laid out in a circle.

One of the challenges the Array object poses, is the lack of coordinates for position and rotation as you are working with the objects. This can easily be remedied by using a Null Object as the parent that the Array is replicating. Check out the short video below for an explanation.


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  1. Once more, you saved me hours of hair pulling. That’s big since I have
    little hair left to pull.
    Thanks Jamie

  2. I cannot thank you enough! This solved all of my problems:D

  3. can you make these cylinder in straight line

  4. Anthony Skellern

    June 30, 2013 — 3:16 am

    Concise, informative and useful – as always!
    Thanks, Jamie.

  5. as usual …. great tip and very well explained!

  6. Ali sent me, I’m a Maya user but amazing tutorials 😀 Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, will definilty help.

  7. guys check jamie videos and you will thank me later!

  8. Thank you very much for great tip,awesome !!
    You have a really great tip,thanks again for share 😉

  9. I love your work and the way you explain it. Congratulations because your videos are incredible. Please don’t stop doing that kind of stuff.

  10. Thanx for the quick tip, what is the difference from the array and the radial cloner, and can I do the same with a shape that’s a square

    • The Array object is just an older, simpler object. The Cloner only existed for the last few versions; when MoGraph was introduced. I’m not sure about a square shape, perhaps a square spline and a Cloner could help with that.

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