Applying a Material Over a Textured Hierarchy in Cinema 4D

This tip is a perfect example of a technique that is so strange that you may never use it. However, if you do run into this issue, you might save a few precious minutes of your time with the technique below.

Cinema 4D (like many other 3D packages) applies materials hierarchically—if you apply a material to an object that has many children, all of the untextured children get that material applied too. There might be a situation (testing lighting for example) where you want to take an already textured hierarchy and apply a new material to all of the objects. Watch the short video below to see what that means.


A YouTube viewer of mine: alflud has recommended this script that offers similar functionality.


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  1. that was super helpful!

  2. hey jamie do you need any thumbnails i live in the same country as you

  3. Thank you Jamie, very useful for a C4D amateur like me!

  4. Отличные уроки! Спасибо! В России тоже смотрят Ваши уроки)

  5. rendertomDOTcom/scripts/material-override/

    this made a great plugin for handing this Jamie – you can easily select any branch of an hierarchy and apply an override material to just that branch. You just select the root of whatever branch you want to override and hit the button – all child objects with with existing material tags get applied a new tag to the right just like you show here. When you’re done you click the button again to remove those tags. It’s great!

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