Create a UV Mesh Layer in Cinema 4D

This tip takes a quick look at one of my favorite Cinema 4D texturing features; the Create UV Mesh command. Creating a UV mesh layer is primarily useful for taking your UV mapped object into another painting package for additional texturing work. BodyPaint 3D provides a comprehensive toolset for painting and editing textures, but Photoshop is the standard, and a lot of texture artists prefer it.

Check out the video below for the technique.

6 thoughts on “Create a UV Mesh Layer in Cinema 4D”

  1. I had trouble creating the UV Mesh Layer and realized the texture was not actually selected in the Objects Manager pane. Make certain the texture is selected.

  2. Jamie:

    I know this is basic but I still have trouble creating UV textures and setting up the flat file so I can paint in Photoshop. I know that you have to select edges and go into the UV setup. Use the Wizard. But my results always have the polygons spread out all over the place. You did it with the ‘m’ and I wonder if it is worth a quick tip on how to unwrap a 3d mesh.

  3. Thank you very much for Great tips 😉
    I was asked to you “how can I do that…?”
    and here is answer,it’s very easy and nice 😉
    Thank you very much again for help my friend 😉

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