Creating Pipes Using the Chamfer Tool in Cinema 4D

This tip demonstrates a simple technique for rounding, extruding, and detailing some simple metal or PVC pipes.

The Chamfer tool is a very useful command in Cinema 4D, and has been in every version that I can recall (going back to version 7). It takes one or more points and rounds them using a tangentially aligned Bezier curve, keeping the original structure. It’s great for pipes and other linear-yet-curved objects.

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27 thoughts on “Creating Pipes Using the Chamfer Tool in Cinema 4D”

  1. I’m using the 4 14.042 and no chamfer on the right-click-menu ; aldo I needed it once to create a chess piece for class I do not seem to find it now to create a bout for a shower . Anyway, very nice shortcut !

  2. Hey Jamie, thanks for your great tutorials. Your have a very bright and clear way to explain thing. No uhms and ahhs, just clear and talented speach which makes it a joy to watch. With this you really stand out of most of the tutorials. Thanks again for your time and effort and for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Hi Man, I’ve been using C4D for a month now and have been looking everywhere for simple, great tutes. Finally I found your stuff and it’s amazing!! Thanks so much! One question, when making the cuts (at 4:35), you say that in a production piece you would need to have them exactly the same distance. How do you get perfect accuracy in C4D? It’s something that I struggle with. I’ve played around with the snap functions but It’s a little bit fiddly. Any tips?

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