Final Gallery For the KTM RC8 Model

There’s not much left to say, so here are some beauty shots of the KTM RC8 model I’ve been working on for the past 3 months.



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  1. Hi Jamie,

    I am interested in using just your RC8 engine model in a project I am doing. Can you get in contact if you are interested in helping out.



  2. Hey Jamie…..its “Cow”great job on these bikes…i envy thee oh soooooo much….lol keep up the good work bro and loving the site

  3. Great bike!!! You have to do more bikes!!! And….you have to make a how to!!!!! I want to learn to make this incredible things!

  4. amazing work!! im interested in knowing how long it took u to do.

  5. Richard Hamel-Smith

    March 19, 2011 — 10:57 am

    Looks good. Makes me want one.

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