A post I made in January 2005 on a forum that’s now gone:

“I have decided to do a W.I.P. entailing a lot of atmosphere and a poetic nature … While exploring my artistic side, if I even have one, I’ve decided to model and render a scene containing no bolts, gears or tires. So, I give you the first render of my W.I.P. called ‘Awaiting Company’.”

The original scene had a lady wearing a hat at the end of the hall, and she was indeed awaiting company – a lover’s rendezvous if you will. I got the scene to a point where I was tweaking the lighting and making adjustments to the camera angle.

Since then, I have not done any work on this scene. This week, however, that changed. After removing the lady, and transferring all the geometry and textures to Maya, I resumed work on the image.
I am in a 3D class at the moment that is focusing on lighitng techniques, and I thought this assignment (lighting a scene) would be a perfect opportunity to resume work on this once abandoned project. It really does feel good to cross this one off the list.