The SBF-1 Sport Bike

About The Bike

The SBF-1 was a concept bike that I attempted to design in 3D, and although it was a great learning experience, it seems that it’s interest peaked and then fell off sharply. The images shown here are different concepts and designs that were considered. The Gear Box of this bike was actually printed out on a rapid prototyping machine.

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2005 Ducati 999 3D Model

The Ducati 999

By far my favorite Ducati.

When the client I modeled these bike for said, “Okay Jamie, great work on the first bike. Now I think we’ll do the 999.” I was a bit nervous to say the least, but still ready for my next challenge. The Ducati 999 possesses some of the most unique bodywork and frame design of any sport bike out there; rivaled only by other exotic European bikes like the MV Agusta F4. This machine definately exercised my modeling skills, as well as my perception of how a bike should be “roughed-out” during the modeling process. Continue reading “2005 Ducati 999 3D Model”

SBF-1 Gearbox

When designing the SBF-1 Sport Bike, I decided to design the internal components of the engine. This included creating a working version of the 3 cylinder, 15 valve engine. The gearbox, like all of the other moving parts, was scripted to animate in time with the entire engine. Upon completing my training at EMS-USA in Tampa, FL, I decided to modify the 3D model of the gearbox to make a physical model of it using the Z-Corp 310 Rapid Prototyping 3D printer. Eye Scream Animation Ltd. had just recieved its 3D printer at this time, so I printed a scale model of the gearbox using this technology and the 310 printer at Eye Scream Animation Ltd.

Y2K ZX-6R Ninja

The Bike Behind The Model

I rode a ZX-6R Ninja exactly like this one for nine months before a reckless driver hit me head on. I survived the crash, but as you’d expect, my Kawasaki was reduced to a heap of twisted metal. I managed to leave the scene of the accident with no broken bones or major injuries.

I completed this 3D model and garage scene only three months earlier, and although cliché, I feel that my bike lives on through the 3D model and renders. Continue reading “Y2K ZX-6R Ninja”

Heffa Bikes: Frame Designs

About The Designer

One evening when I was around the age of fifteen, I was riding my Flatland Freestyle Bike at a park near my home in the city of Port-of-Spain. While there, I met a group of friendly riders, and among them was a guy they called Cow. He was a great rider, but more importantly he always had clever and innovative ideas. The last time Cow (Michael DePeza) and I hung out, he brought some of his drawings of concept bicycle frames for me to create digitally. At this stage, he was branding his concepts with the name Heffa Bikes, a tribute to his long standing nickname. Continue reading “Heffa Bikes: Frame Designs”

Movie Towne Titles

In 2002, when I was employed at Eye Scream Animation Ltd. we were assigned the task of developing a concept and animations for Trinidad’s first multiplex cinema, Movie Towne. These animations were the introductory clips that were to be shown before the trailers and the feature presentation. When the Matrix Continue reading “Movie Towne Titles”