The Razorback – Part 24: Adding Antennas to the Rear of the Machine

In this part of the Razorback series, I mess up the recording, then I say incorrect things about antenna technology (before checking my facts), and I even do some modeling. We focus on some of the tech-looking antennas the machine will undoubtedly have, and below are a list of the points covered (as well as the embedded video).

Covered in this video

  • We start off by creating a couple of simple antennas that look like the kind you’d find on a wireless router.
  • Later, we create a more traditional, small whip antenna that has a coiled base and this helps sell the effect.
  • Eventually, we create a large whip antenna, although the actual creation of this antenna was lost due to a recording error on my part.
  • At around the 19:35 mark, I discuss the tied down whip antenna. Originally I read that it may increase range when tied down, but further reading suggests that this may simply be a method of keeping the antenna safe while while under way. So my initial assumption was wrong and I have proven that I know nothing about antennas!
  • I finish up this video by walking you through the processes I used to create the large whip antenna, and we create a tie-down for the large whip antenna.


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  1. Great stuff Jamie. Keep it coming. I’ve learned so much watching this bike progress and seeing how you develop it. Thanks a´╗┐ lot.

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