The Razorback – Part 46: Combining The UV Maps Into One Texture Space

This episode takes a quick look at the concepts involved in joining geometry for the simplification of UV texture files.

Typically, when a UV mapped object is textured, we use one texture map per object (or contiguous mesh). This works well for characters and weapons, but for something like the robotic arms, there may be a better way.


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  1. You can also use the “connect objects” modifier to combine the textures of separate meshes. The rest of the tedious uv work remains the same though.

  2. Jamie:
    Kind of just jumped into your tutorials. Razorback seems to be familiar. Daemon? Freedom? As soon as you rotated the knife arm at the end of the video, I thought that I know this bike. Then the name hit me.
    One request, saving the texture and UV map file with the linework is something I’d like to see. Otherwise, you have simplified a seemingly complicated workflow that has eluded me for a while. Thank you.

  3. i have a quastion over creating the tires: how can you model along the spline on the plane? if you know what i mean??

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