This video is a bit longer than the others (sorry), but there’s some good modeling technique in there. We look at creating the brackets/cradles for the hydraulic rams of the Razorback. Before getting into that heavy modeling, we look at the approach I settled on for pivoting them into and out of position.

Covered in this video:

  • Solving the issue of “Where do we put the mechanism that pivots the kickstands?”
  • Creating the hierarchy of objects for the pivoting kickstands.
  • A quick look at modeling using a cylinder in Cinema 4D and using the optimize command to make that task a bit easier.
  • Creating the base plate that the kickstands are fixed to.
  • Using a Boolean operation to join some geometry, along with my disclaimer about using them. (and my advice on how you should use them)
  • Prepping geometry for a Boolean (union) operation.
  • Maintaining edge loops after a Boolean operation.
  • Attempting to make all the polygons on the bracket quadrangles.
  • Making a transition between the union-ed objects.