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The Razorback – Part 53: Creating Battery Cables

In the below video, we take a look at creating some battery cables using a few modeling techniques. The actual connector is created using some simple polygonal modeling, and the cable is created using a SweepNURBS object and a few deformers.

Head on past the break to see the video, and do let me know what you think of it.
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The Razorback – Part 26: Detailing the FLIR Turret

In this part of the Razorback video series, we finally add some much needed detail to the FLIR turret. (Although it’s not a turret in the traditional sense of the word, these FLIR rotating mounts are sometimes referred to as turrets)

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The Razorback – Part 19: Joining the Upper Arm to the Wrist Pivot

In part 19 of the Razorback screencast series, we use a Boolean operation to join now separate components of the upper arm to the rotating disc/bearing area that we’ve been calling the wrist. Keeping with the visual trend of the robotic arm up until this point, I blend the cylindrical part into the rectangular part of the arm. We’ve used this approach  Read more →

The Razorback – Part 15: Refining the Lower Robotic Arm

In this part of the series, we continue refining one of the robotic arms, in an effort to make the Razorback’s arms more polished and complete.

Most of the video is spent cleaning up geometry and beveling edges to create smooth transitions.

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The Razorback – Part 14: Refining the Robotic Arm Base

In this part of the video series, we start to give some attention to areas of the model that are still very primitive. I kick things off by refining, smoothing and merging the base of the robotic arms. The base part of the arm has a motor mount fused to the housing as if it were cast from a single mold.

We start by merging the objects, giving it a yellow color and running through some Boolean techniques that may sound familiar if you saw my recent videos on Booleans in Cinema 4D.

I realize that at this stage of the modeling process, I may be making up words like: Boolean-ing and Boolean-ed… I’m OK with that. If we can Google something, then I can consider something Booleaned.

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The Razorback – Part 7: Kickstand Pivot and Ram Brackets

This video is a bit longer than the others (sorry), but there’s some good modeling technique in there. We look at creating the brackets/cradles for the hydraulic rams of the Razorback. Before getting into that heavy modeling, we look at the approach I settled on for pivoting them into and out of position.

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Boolean Tips for Cinema 4D Modelers

In these two videos, I take a quick look at the way Boolean operations work in Cinema 4D. Specifically, I take a look at my usual approach and examine it a bit further. I’ve heard some 3D veterans and amateurs alike say things like, “Booleans always create messy geometry” or “Just don’t use Booleans… Ever!” I disagree however. As long as Read more →