The Razorback – Part 14: Refining the Robotic Arm Base

In this part of the video series, we start to give some attention to areas of the model that are still very primitive. I kick things off by refining, smoothing and merging the base of the robotic arms. The base part of the arm has a motor mount fused to the housing as if it were cast from a single mold.

We start by merging the objects, giving it a yellow color and running through some Boolean techniques that may sound familiar if you saw my recent videos on Booleans in Cinema 4D.

I realize that at this stage of the modeling process, I may be making up words like: Boolean-ing and Boolean-ed… I’m OK with that. If we can Google something, then I can consider something Booleaned.

Covered in this video:

  • We start out by smoothing the lower arm mount and preparing it for the upcoming Boolean operation.
  • Following the tips I talk about in my other Boolean videos, we perpare the object for the planned Boolean union and then tweak the position of the edges for a cleaner result.
  • Once we’ve completed the Boolean operation, we spend a lot of time cleaning up the geometry.

This is a longer video, coming in at 46 minutes, but I promise it’ll show you some really useful Cinema 4D modeling techniques.

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  1. Here’s a preview of one of the latest videos in my Razorback series. This
    is a 10 minute excerpt from the super long 45 minute installment that will
    be posted in a couple of weeks.

    You can check out the existing screencasts on my blog if you’re interested:

    It’s not my intention to make the videos this long, but I’m trying to
    strike a balance between being complete, and modular. Creating a video
    series like this one is proving to be quite challenging and drawn out at
    times… even so, I’m enjoying it.

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