In this (relatively) short video, we tackle the layout of the robotic arms. We experiment a bit with the scale of the arms and the reach. We start with a simple sketch of the arms as I see them in my head and then we move on to various considerations.

When writing a scene from a novel such as Daemon, you can describe how a machine with large robotic arms hacks a door down and you’re free to tell the story. Figuring out the logistics of how this would actually look/work is a completely different issue. I don’t want the Razorback to look like a lumbering ape with huge arms ruining the stealthy composition of it, and I also don’t want it to look too insect-like; with tiny arms flailing about, struggling to do damage.

Here’s What is Covered in this video:

  • How much space will they occupy?
  • How heavy/bulky should they be?
  • How many degrees of freedom should they have?
  • How far over the front of the machine can they reach?
  • When stowed, how compact can the arms be?