About The Bike

The Daytona 675 was an obsession of mine for some time, it’s simply one of the best 600cc Super-Sport motorcycles ever. In addition it has some of the raciest and most cutting edge details. If you’d like to add to the aforementioned, it’s British, so it’s also an underdog in the world of Sport Bikes with it’s only neighbours being the Italian giants.

About The Project

I chose to illustrate this bike for a class project dealing with gradients and blends. The goal of the project was to use a photograph as a template, and reproduce the underlying image using vectors, blends, and Adobe Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh Tool.

3-D Anyone?

At the time of this “Gradient Project” assignment, I was nearing completion of my 3D Model of this bike, so I was quite intimate with this bike in both the 2D and 3D worlds.

Here’s my 3D Daytona 675, complete with custom paint-job.