Sidewalk Photorealistic Composition

Many challenges come upon 3D artists, but doing photo-realistic compositions is all too familiar to me. At my previous job (EyeScreamAnimation) I was often given the task of lining up photos of empty construction sites or hillsides with 3D models for compositions like this one. In those cases, the model being lined up was usually a 3D building. For this project in my Advanced Visual Effects class, I chose to use my latest motorcycle model, a Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja as the subject, and the school parking lot as the background plate. While it’s refreshing to composite a scene that’s not a building, I still feel that the image isn’t quite satisfying. The more I look at this image, the more reasons I list of why it is technically correct. While on the other hand, I feel that I am my own worst critic.

At this point in time I wish I could summon temporary amnesia on myself, look at this image and marvel at its simplicity then remark, “Oh what a beautiful bike!” I would then read this text and realize that it’s computer generated. Perhaps that would allow me to actually enjoy the image as much as others seem to.


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  1. Very nice. Here is one of the shot for my demo reel I’m working on…my Nissan GT-R. This is a shot that comes right before my model rotation.

    Modeled in Maya| Rendered w/ Mental Ray| composited in Nuke

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