In this part of the Razorback video series, we add a few GPS antennas/receivers. In Daemon, the Razorbacks use an array of sensors including GPS to navigate. The idea of having multiple GPS antennas comes from both the novel itself, and real world implementations where redundancy is necessary.

Covered in this video

  • We start off the video by chatting about the GPS receivers as described in the novel.
  • Once we’ve got a rough proxy of the receiver created, we create instances of the unit and start placing them at different points on the machine.
  • Taking the concept of sky visibility into account, we mount some of the GPS receivers using brackets that we make on the fly. This is a great demonstration of how I create simple objects on the fly using only one or two tools.
  • Near the end of the screencast, we round off the rough antenna model, and because all of the other units are Instances, they all mirror the effect.