About My ZBrush Head

The thing about 3D models is that every time you add more detail, the model becomes more difficult to work with in your 3D application. This is especially true if you are animating the model.

The great thing about ZBrush is that you can import a low detail mesh, add fine details in ZBrush, then export those details to your original low detail mesh and apply them as a special type of texture: A Normal Map ← thats a link to a Wikipedia article with one image that says it all.

Here’s a preview video of the lip-syncing, audio, and camera movement.

Current Details

  • The project has been moved to the completed section of my website and I’m really happy with the results.
  • The storyboard for this short sequence includes some simple camera movement, a few lines of dialog, and a simple set. The set includes a Greek column (Ionic Order) being used as a pedestal for my head jar, set in front of some red curtains.
  • I’ve added a Jar for my head to live in. It’s an obvious reference to Futurama: In Futurama, Matt Groening & David X. Cohen’s comedy series about the year 3000, several celebrities live their lives as a head in a jar just like the one pictured here.